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Live Twitter Moot Feed

Don't Tweet?  No problem!  Follow along here on our live Twitter moot feed! This feed is set up to follow the Participants (on our twtmoot list).  Or learn about other ways to follow the Twitter Moot, or to go back to the main Twitter Moot page

Below is the full record of the world's first Twitter Moot.  Please note that the record is in reverse chronologial order as it would appear in twitter.  If the text appears too small to read, zoom using the  tool bar at the bottom of the window or click on the link directly below to view the document on scribed.com. West Coast Environmental Law Twitter Moot Record


Vote now for the Team you think has performed best in the Twitter Moot! The team with the most votes will win the people's choice award.

Note: Please don't vote until after the Moot begins!