Jeanette Ageson - Communications and Development Manager

Jeanette joined West Coast in 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University, and is proud to work for an organization which looks after the long-term health of her home province.

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Deborah Carlson - Staff Counsel

Deborah is responsible for our Green Communities program. She’s committed to working collaboratively with communities in BC to develop legal tools and law reform proposals that support healthy, low-impact urban areas with vibrant connections to the natural environment, and strong citizen engagement.

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Jessica Clogg - Executive Director and Senior Counsel

Jessica Clogg is West Coast’s Executive Director and Senior Counsel and heads up our work on Aboriginal and natural resource law. Jessica first joined West Coast in 1995 as a student, and also served as a board member before becoming staff counsel in 1999. Jessica has said that she does the work she does “because she loves the land, and because she believes in justice.”

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Barbara Everdene - Project Manager - Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund

Barb is the Project Manager for the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund.  Barb works with individuals, communities and environmental groups to develop legal strategies to protect the environment in BC.

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Andrew Gage - Staff Counsel and EDRF Liaison Lawyer

Andrew oversees the Environmental Legal Aid Program and writes the Environmental Law Alert blog. He enjoys playing the violin, gardening and sailing.

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Ceciline Goh - Office Administrator

Ceciline is the Office Administrator at West Coast Environmental Law. She is in charge of the organization’s bookkeeping and general administration. As West Coast’s longest serving employee Ceciline is also, unofficially, the organization’s Memory Keeper.

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Lucy Hough - Director of Development

Lucy was thrilled to join the team at West Coast in 2008 as Director of Development as she aligns closely with West Coast’s vision that environmental protection must be enshrined in law. Lucy is inspired by the supporters of West Coast and honoured to help them take action on their own passion for the environment and to make the world a better place through philanthropy.

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Anna Johnston - Staff Counsel

Anna’s work at West Coast focuses on developing and advancing law reform proposals and practical solutions related to environmental assessment law and federal environmental law rollbacks.

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Eugene Kung - Staff Counsel

Eugene joined West Coast Environmental Law in 2014 as part of the Aboriginal and Natural Resources Law team to work on Tar Sands, Tankers and Pipelines. He is passionate about human rights, social justice and environmental justice and strives to use the law as a tool for social change.

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Gavin Smith - Staff Counsel

Gavin is a part of West Coast’s Aboriginal and natural resources law team. He is passionate about pushing for reform of the systems of environmental governance in British Columbia and Canada in order to manage our shared environmental heritage in a way that truly evaluates and responds to the cumulative effects of human development and accounts for the crucial role of Indigenous governance in that process.

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Ashley Webster - Communications Assistant and Database Manager

Ashley is an enthusiastic generalist, always learning and always trying to see problems from many sides in an effort to help people and organizations make continual progress. Ashley has a Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies from Royal Roads University and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University.

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Visiting Lawyers, Summer Law Students, Pro Bono Law Students, and Legal Interns

Interns from previous years can be seen here.

Each year, West Coast Environmental Law welcomes a number of Summer Law Students, pro bono law students who volunteer during the school year, as well as legal interns and visiting lawyers who may already have completed law school and are practicing in Canada or in other countries. We also work with interns who contribute to West Coast's communications and development initiatives. We couldn’t do our work without them!