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Oil, Gas, & Mining

From the seismic lines that criss-cross wilderness and farmland in the Peace district to the toxic run-off from the abandoned Britannia mine site just outside of Vancouver, the oil and gas and mining industries are heavy contributors to some of BC's most difficult environmental problems. West Coast has made significant contributions to law reform in these areas. For example, by:

  • Being one of the first groups in BC to raise concerns about coalbed methane (CBM) development, and then taking steps to educate and empower communities through outreach activities and the publication of two very popular guides: Coalbed Methane: A Citizen’s Guide (2003) and Coalbed Methane: A BC Local Government Guide (2006). In 2008, the Provincial government placed a moratorium on CBM development in the Sacred Headwaters, and made a commitment to requiring reinjection of CBM produced water, a key best practice in this area.
  • Being one of the loudest voices calling on the provincial government to enact a regulatory regime for the oil and gas sector that better protects landowners, communities and the environment. In May 2008, the government passed a new Oil and Gas Activities Act. The new Act will have improved rules regarding public consultation, environmental protection and compliance and enforcement.
  • Conducting BC’s first comprehensive review of Free Entry Laws - the laws that give mining companies rights to enter private land for the purpose of conducting mining activities.


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