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Sustainable Agriculture: Growing Green

Launched in April of 2002, Growing Green was a two-year law and policy reform project designed to:

  • develop concrete, practical law and policy reform proposals to make growing and distributing food in BC more sustainable, and
  • strengthen the capacity of voluntary organizations to contribute to federal, provincial, and local law/policy making.


Funded in part by the federal Voluntary Sector Initiative, Growing Green was a project of West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL), FarmFolk/CityFolk (FF/CF), and the Liu Institute for Global Issues. All three organizations worked collaboratively with (and shared the project benefits among) dozens of farming, food, and voluntary sector organizations. Growing Green's focus was on federal, provincial and local law and policy as it applies to growing food in and around BC's urban areas. To acknowledge and build upon innovative ideas generated across the country, Growing Green worked with and sought advice from exemplary national organizations like the Toronto Food Policy Council.

Growing Green is based on the premise that participants in the food system already provide environmental services, but the system must produce more in order to be truly sustainable. Through a continuous and iterative collaboration process with farm, food and voluntary organizations, Growing Green identified several dozen of the issues that deserve attention.

Read Growing Green’s final report and policy recommendations (May 2004).


British Columbia’s Agricultural Land Reserve: A legal Review of the Question of “Community Need” (A Smart Growth BC report funded by West Coast Environmental Law) (April 2007)

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Submission on amendments to the Agricultural Land Commission Act - defining the "Provincial Interest" and expanding the criteria for considering the effects of proposals to remove land from the Agricultural Land Reserve (August 4, 1998)

Using Subsidies to Promote Environmental Protection in Agriculture : A Review of Programs in North America and Europe (December 1993)