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Wild Salmon, Endangered Species

British Columbia is home not just to humans, but to a wide range of animals and plants. British Columbians expect the law to protect our salmon, and to ensure that plant and animal species do not go extinct.

While protection for fish and species at risk is not currently a focus for West Coast environmental law, we are frequently called upon to help out. For example, we:

  • Through our Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund, helped Alexandra Morton, the noted marine biologist, challenge BC’s laws governing fish farms as unconstitutional.
  • Funded environmental organizations, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Wildsight, to press for the protection of the endangered boreal forest and mountain caribou (respectively).
  • Opposed the enactment of the Riparian Areas Regulation, which provided fish streams with less protection from development than the earlier Streamside Protection Regulations.
  • Made submissions on proposed amendments to BC’s Wildlife Act in 2007.
  • Analyzed amendments to the Wildlife Act in 2004 and demonstrated that the amendments, while expanding provincial powers to protect species at risk, would not guarantee meaningful protection for species at risk of extinction. In 2010, six years later, the politicians still have not protected any species under this law.

We continue to press for strong laws to protect fish, wildlife and endangered species through our Environmental Law Alert program.