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Emerging Solutions for Clean, Green Power

The January 11th, 2010 dialogue saw participants discussing legal and policy solutions to advance truly clean, green, renewable electricity generation in BC. The standing room only crowd at the SFU Wosk Centre for Dialogue heard short presentations from leaders in the field of sustainability and energy planning, including Prof. Bob Gibson, (University of Waterloo) and Prof. Mark Jaccard (Simon Fraser University), as well as West Coast Environmental Law staff lawyer Josh Paterson.

Presentations focused on introducing and elaborating on the 2009 Recommendations for Responsible Clean Energy Development in British Columbia; however, the principal focus of the evening was on a high level facilitated discussion by dialogue participants. Audience members were given the opportunity to ask questions as our dialogue participants explored the issues:

  • Why is electricity that is clean and green important?
  • What will it take to make viable legal and policy shifts to enable clean green power in BC?
  • What needs to be done to build on emerging solutions for clean green power in BC?

Emerging Solutions for Clean, Green Power event summary (PDF). - Click here to read the Summary report of the event, Emerging Solutions for Clean Green Power in BC.

Care to watch the Dialogue?  Click Here for Video footage of the Event.


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West Coast Environmental Law is grateful to the Law Foundation of British Columbia, the North Growth Foundation, the Bruce and Lis Welch Community Award, as well as the SFU Centre for Dialogue for funding to make possible this event in our Dialogues for Legal Innovation Series.


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