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West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding the environment through law.

We hear a lot of good things about what we do to make communities throughout British Columbia a better place to live. People like the way we balance strong legal representation with good judgement. They like the way we find solutions to environmental problems; solutions that people can live with. You can help maintain the high quality of West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation's efforts for a healthier environment by becoming a financial supporter.

Myth: It’s impossible for an individual person to make a difference.
Fact: Every single individual donation to West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation makes a world of difference.WCELRF's innovative approach to achieving strong environmental protection succeeds because we work intrepidly with BC communities, organizations, individuals and all levels of government to build coalitions and develop proactive legal solutions to protect and sustain the environment. We continue to achieve these victories for British Columbians because of our strong community of support – because one donor at a time has made a commitment to be part of the solution.

We are not funded by government, which means your individual donation really does make a fundamental difference in allowing WCELRF to provide British Columbians with environmental legal aid, law research, representation and education services to promote protection of the environment and public participation in environmental decision-making.

West Coast believes in a democratic society in which the people affected by the laws deserve to have a voice. This includes every single British Columbian; this includes you.

Please join our community of support today.


At West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation, your gift today, or in the future, is a significant source of support for our critical work, and is fundamental to preserving the environment now and in years to come. There are a number of ways you can support us, and in so doing, make a lasting commitment to the environment and your community.

"Thank you for advocating for people, animals and nature – we are all interconnected. Using the law is a powerful approach to bring lasting change in a socially recognizable way. Thank you for doing what you do!"

~ West Coast Supporter


 West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation is a registered Canadian charity BN/Reg #11929 2415 RR0001.