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April 28, 2010

But BC must work with British Columbians to refine its approach if this potential is to be met.

Topics: Climate and Energy
April 19, 2010

Vancouver -  The provincial government’s decision to move ahead on the Site C dam is irresponsible given the massive environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the proposed hydroelectric project.

Topics: Indigenous Law, Climate and Energy
April 15, 2010

Vancouver, BC--New B.C. guidelines for forest carbon offsets are “fake climate change action” and will fail to reduce carbon emissions quickly or protect vulnerable ecosystems,eight environmental groups said today.

Topics: Climate and Energy, Lands & Forests
March 23, 2010

Vancouver/Coast Salish Territory - Several First Nations peoples on the Central and North Pacific Coast and Haida Gwaii issued a Declaration this week banning Tar Sands crude oil tankers from their territories, citing the potentially devastating risk of oil spills associated with

Topics: Indigenous Law, Climate and Energy
January 27, 2010

New report and accompanying letter signed by top international scientists and environmental thinkers urges government to integrate nature conservation into provincial climate action strategy.

Topics: Climate and Energy, Lands & Forests
January 5, 2010

Media Advisory

“Emerging Solutions for Clean Green Power in BC” a dialogue on concrete legal and policy solutions to advance truly clean, green, renewable electricity generation in BC.


Topics: Climate and Energy
December 16, 2009

Several environmental organizations today released a blueprint for improving the planning and development of renewable electricity projects in British Columbia.

Topics: Climate and Energy
September 21, 2009

Vancouver - Lawyers from West Coast Environmental Law today wrote to Sheila Fraser, the Auditor General of Canada, to ask her to investigate the Prime Minister’s decision to use Green Infrastructure funds to contribute $130 million to the controversial Northwest Transmission Line, which would ena

Topics: Climate and Energy
August 16, 2009

VANCOUVER – A coalition of community and conservation groups has called on Ottawa to establish a full public inquiry to look into the far-reaching effects of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal.

Topics: Climate and Energy