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1. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. We recommend that the Coordinating Committee conduct environmental impact studies for each of the proposed re-designated areas, and make these studies available for public comment and review.

Author: Alexander, Lawrence
Publication Date: December 1991
Pages: 3

n November 1990, WCELA lawyers William Andrews and Ann Hillyer prepared a brief on recommendations for improvements to Bill C-78, which was presented to the Legislative Committee examining Bill C-78.

Author: Andrews, William J.
Publication Date: October 1991
Pages: 3

British Columbia has one of the most varied and magnificent wildlife populations in North America. Seventy per cent of all native Canadian fauna breed in British Columbia. Although provinces like Ontario and Quebec are larger than British Columbia, B.C.

Author: Sandborn, Calvin
Publication Date: October 1991
Pages: 16


Author: Andrews, William; Alexander, Lawrence
Publication Date: October 1991
Pages: 30

West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation is a non-profit society that provides legal research and education to promote protection of the environment and public participation in environmental decision-making.

Author: Andrews, William J.; Sandborn, Calvin; Wylynko, Brad
Publication Date: September 1991
Pages: 155

One legacy of British Columbia's past reliance on hazardous substances is widespread contamination of land.

Author: Andrews, William J.
Publication Date: January 1991
Pages: 7