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market mechanisms, credit trading, greenhouse gas emission reductions, climate change, carbon tax, carbon allowance trading system.

Author: Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: October 1998
Pages: 7

In our view the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) does not represent a credible response to the enormous environmental challenges we confront.

Author: Nowlan, Linda; Rolfe, Chris; Shrybman, Steven
Publication Date: May 1998
Pages: 27

Turning Down the Heat is intended to assist in the search for ways to reduce Canadian greenhouse gas emissions. It examines the potential role for emissions trading in implementation of Canada’s greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

Author: Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: May 1998
Pages: 433

In December 1997, negotiators from all the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting at the Third Conference of the Parties to the Convention in Kyoto, Japan, successfully negotiated legally binding emission reduction commitments for nations the developed nations that are incl

Author: Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: January 1998
Pages: 17

Response to the Department of Transport's December 21, 1996 Canada Gazette request for submissions on motor vehicle emission regulation for Canada.

Author: Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: May 1997
Pages: 9