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The purpose of this handout is to provide an overview of the health and safety risks associated with oil and gas development in order to support a discussion that will lead to the adoption in British Columbia of legislation and regulations that reflect the very best practices for health and safe

Author: Rutherford, Susan
Publication Date: October 2006
Pages: 6

Author: Rutherford, Susan
Publication Date: October 2006
Pages: 68

In this submission West Coast Environmental Law provides detailed comments on the BC Ministry of Forests and Range (MoFR) report “Future Forest Ecosystems of BC: Draft Recommendations for Review and Comment.

Author: Clogg, Jessica
Publication Date: August 2006
Pages: 9

The overwhelming scientific consensus is that the global warming we are presently experiencing is due to human-factors. In turn, climate change presents significant risks to the forest ecosystems of BC. West Coast Environmental Law welcomes the MoFR’s recognition of these two key realities.

Author: Clogg, Jessica
Publication Date: July 2006
Pages: 2

As conventional oil and gas resources are being depleted worldwide, coalbed methane is being touted as one means to fill the supply and demand gap for gas.

Author: Campbell, Karen; Rutherford, Susan
Publication Date: May 2006
Pages: 40

You won’t find “Public Rights” in the index of any of the main texts on statutory interpretation in Canada. You will find sections on aboriginal rights, possibly customary rights, and definitely private rights.

Author: Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: April 2006
Pages: 26

West Coast Environmental Law and the Sierra Legal Defence Fund have now had an opportunity to review the Oil and Gas Regulatory Improvement Initiative (OGRII) Discussion Paper, dated December 1, 2005.

Author: Oil & Gas; Laws;
Publication Date: February 2006
Pages: 7

This Guide’s purpose is to increase green building uptake in BC, by providing a central resource to the suite of regulatory and policy tools currently available to BC local governments to support and promote green building design and practices. The Guide’s aim is to provide targeted guidance.

Author: Rutherford, Susan
Publication Date: January 2006
Pages: 68