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The Green Infrastructure Guide (the Guide) provides guidance on how local governments may, using legal and policy strategies, encourage or require more sustainable infrastructure designs.

Author: Rutherford, Susan
Publication Date: April 2007
Pages: 88

Abstract - The Supreme Court of Canada's affirmation of the existence of public environmental rights in Canadian Forest Products v. B. C. is the latest in a long line of authority·recognizing the existence of public rights in respect of the natural environment.

Author: Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: January 2007
Pages: 16

West Coast Environmental Law receives many pesticide-related queries each year. Members of the public are concerned about the risks of commercial and home pesticide use in our communities and they want to know what avenues are available to them to counter the threats posed by these toxins.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: January 2007
Pages: 60