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West Coast Environmental Law's submissions to the BC Ministry of Environment in response to the province's Climate Leadership Team report and the Ministry's public consultation. 

Author: Andrew Gage, Deborah Carlson
Publication Date: March 2016
Pages: 3
Preparing for Climate Change

Our climate is changing, and we need to plan for a “new normal”.

Author: Deborah Carlson
Publication Date: October 2012
Pages: 110

Turning Down the Heat is intended to assist in the search for ways to reduce Canadian greenhouse gas emissions. It examines the potential role for emissions trading in implementation of Canada’s greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

Author: Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: May 1998
Pages: 433

ENGOs perspectives on emissions trading are increasingly dependent on the details of individual emissions trading programs and judgments of whether a program's particular environmental pros and cons outweigh the pros and cons of "command and control" alternatives.

Author: Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: June 1997
Pages: 5

I was asked to provide environmentalists' perspective on U.S. proposals for greenhouse gas emission trading between nations. To begin with it should be pointed out that there is no single defined position of environmentalists, but instead a range of opinions.

Author: Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: June 1997
Pages: 5