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The Green Infrastructure Partnership (GIP) is a consortium of four organizations that share a vision for developing and implementing a Model Subdivision Bylaw and Green Infrastructure Standards that will present options for land development regulation province-wide.

Author: Master Municipal Construction Document Association; Water Sustainability Committee of the B.C. Water & Waste Association; West Coast Environmental Law Association; Ministry of Community, Aboriginal & Women?s Services
Publication Date: June 2004
Pages: 40

On October 21, 2003 the BC government passed its Bill 57, the Environmental Management Act. Bill 57 replaces BC's main pollution law, the Waste Management Act, with a new regime that is part of the BC government's deregulation initiative.

Author: Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: January 2004
Pages: 7

Smart growth is taking off in British Columbia. In recognition of BC’s leadership role, West Coast Environmental Law has developed a Smart Bylaws Guide to assist local governments to implement smart growth strategies through policy and bylaw changes.

Author: Curran, Deborah
Publication Date: December 2003
Pages: 40

Many municipalities and developers in British Columbia are emerging as North American leaders in smart growth practices at the regional and local scale. Residents are demanding more choices in where they live and the quality of neighbourhoods and job opportunities.

Author: Curran, Deborah
Publication Date: December 2003
Pages: 52

Note: This is a summary of our larger, 78 page document of the same title.  The larger report may

Author: Coriolis Consulting Corp.
Publication Date: September 2003
Pages: 7

The purpose of the Draft Community Charter is to provide more autonomy to, and require accountability from, municipalities. This allows municipalities to craft place-specific solutions that respond to local conditions.

Author: Curran, Deborah
Publication Date: December 2002
Pages: 26

We agree with the authors of the Discussion Paper that there are some significant problems with the current Act and its regulations.

Author: Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: November 2002
Pages: 15

These notes have been prepared by Dr. Bates and published by West Coast Environmental Law in order to avoid repetition of errors in the health risk assessments for large facilities that cause air pollution.

Author: Bates, Dr. David B
Publication Date: October 2002
Pages: 4

Recent initiatives indicate that the government intends to shift the delivery of services from the public to the private sector in areas that have traditionally been off limits.

Author: Campbell, Karen
Publication Date: July 2002
Pages: 12

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: April 2002
Pages: 147