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WCEL BC EA Reform Cover January 2018

In the summer of 2017, BC’s new provincial government promised to reform environmental assessment and planning in British Columbia.

Author: Gavin Smith, Anna Johnston, Hannah Askew
Publication Date: January 2018
Pages: 24
The eighteen legal challenges to the federal
Author: Gavin Smith, Justine Desmond
Publication Date: July 2015

In a wave of legal filings between July 11 and July 14, 2014 eight First Nations from Haida Gwaii to Yinka Dene territory west of Prince George have set in motion legal proceedings that, combined with 9 court cases filed earlier this year, have the potential to stop or significantly delay the Enb

Author: Clogg, Jessica
Publication Date: July 2014
Pages: 2

In 2010, two unequivocal Indigenous-law based declarations were signed by First Nations, definitively banning tar sands crude oil tankers, pipelines and infrastructure from their territories.

Author: Clogg, Jessica, Paterson, Josh
Publication Date: December 2012
Pages: 8

This is a list of First Nations and First Nations political organizations that have publicly declared their opposition to the Enbridge tankers and pipelines project.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: February 2012
Pages: 5

This is a map of combined traditional territories of First Nations who have banned tar sands pipelines and tankers using their indigenous laws.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: February 2012
Pages: 1

On January 19, the federal Joint Review Panel released its decision on the List of Issues to be covered in the environmental assessment of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines, and what additional information Enbridge must provide to the Panel.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: January 2011
Pages: 7