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This is the West Coast Environmental Law review of the BC Ministry of Environment’s 2010 Water Act Modernization Discussion Paper.

Author: Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: April 2010
Pages: 12

We Canadians often assume that Canada has an inexhaustible amount of water. However, statistics indicate otherwise. Canadians are second only to Americans in terms of water consumption: we consume an average of 638 L per day. And the volume of water required by Canadians continues to grow.

Author: Campbell, Karen
Publication Date: November 2001
Pages: 18

Recent proposals to export Canadian water, and an investor-state suit under NAFTA concerning BC's water export control measures, have revived Canadian concerns about the loss of public control over this vital resource.

Author: Shrybman, Steven
Publication Date: May 2000
Pages: 16

Occasional Paper series, Issue 25:01.

Author: Shrybman, Steven
Publication Date: September 1999
Pages: 14

There are many reasons to be critical of the lack of federal leadership when it comes to the stewardship of Canadian water resources – not least among them is the lack of a meaningful federal water policy.

Author: Shrybman, Steve
Publication Date: September 1999
Pages: 4

Ever since the advent of free trade Canadians have worried that trade rules would one day be used to challenge Canadian efforts to restrict bulk water exports. They needn't hold their breath any longer because a US based company, Sun Belt Water Inc., has decided to do just that.

Author: Shrybman, Steven
Publication Date: May 1999
Pages: 1
Activities and Programs Currently Undertaken by West Coast Environmental Law Association (WCELA) that Contribute to the Goals of the Fraser Basin Management Program Agreement.
Author: Nowlan, Linda
Publication Date: April 1993
Pages: 17