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In 2017 the BC government committed to reform environmental assessment (“EA”) in the province in order to “ensure the legal rights of First N

Author: Gavin Smith, Jessica Clogg
Publication Date: November 2018
Pages: 9

Following a successful constitutional challenge to legal restrictions on the public policy activities of charities in 2018, the federal Minister of Finance sought comment on proposed legislativ

Author: Jessica Clogg, Executive Director & Senior Counsel
Publication Date: October 2018
Pages: 5

BC communities face a rising tide of climate costs. Prior to the 2018 municipal election, West Coast Environmental Law has produced Climate Law In Our Hands: A Resource for Local Government Candidates.

Author: Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer, Anjali Appadurai, Climate Communications Specialist
Publication Date: September 2018
Pages: 16

In July 2018, the federal government published a discussion paper, “Developing a Strategic Assessment of Climate Change,” which proposes key processes and questions to guide an assessment of how to better consider climate in environmental assessments.

Author: Anna Johnston, Staff Lawyer, Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer
Publication Date: September 2018
Pages: 7
Caretakers of the Land and its People

Over the past several years, lawyers at West Coast Environmental Law have received a number of inquiries from Indigenous trapline holders in BC seeking to protect their hereditary and registered traplines from the cumulative impacts of various industrial projects including logging, mining, hydroe

Author: Bud Napoleon and Hannah Askew, With contributions from Siumshun (Richard Billy), Erica Stahl, Nico McKay, Yasmeen Peer, and Christina Clemente
Publication Date: August 2018
Pages: 92

Ensuring meaningful public participation is critical to the success of the provincial government’s efforts to revitalize British Columbia’s environmental assessment (EA) regime.

Author: Gavin Smith, Staff Lawyer, Anna Johnston, Staff Lawyer
Publication Date: August 2018
Pages: 9

In the 1970s, Canada introduced a moratorium on offshore oil and gas activity to protect marine ecosystems on the Pacific coast, and in 2016 a similar moratorium was introduced to protect Arctic waters.

Author: Linda Nowlan, Maryann Watson, Stephanie Hewson
Publication Date: July 2018
Pages: 1

The BC government recently released its Environmental Assessment Revitalization Discussion Paper, which sets out proposals for what a new assessment process could look like and seeks public feedback.

Author: Gavin Smith, Staff Lawyer
Publication Date: June 2018
Pages: 16

Written by a collaboration of Canada’s leading ocean scientists, Indigenous leaders, environmental groups, artists and communicators, Beyond 2020: Open Letter on Ocean Priorities for the Canadian Government outlines 5 areas of focus and actions they hope to see taken to reach their vision.

Author: Multiple Authors
Publication Date: June 2018
Pages: 7

In February 2018, the federal government tabled Bill C-69, which contains a new Impact Assessment Act to replace the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. At the same time, it released two consultation papers on supporting regulations.

Author: Anna Johnston
Publication Date: June 2018
Pages: 11