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Sustaining healthy fisheries, waters and economies: Bill C-68

This joint submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans regarding Bill C-68 had contributions from West Coast Environmental Law and reflects the views of a group of twenty-three (23) conservation and environmental organizations who have been working together on Fisherie

Author: Multiple authors
Publication Date: March 2019
Pages: 12
Revised Q&A about Canada's Proposed New Impact Assessment Act

On February 8, 2018, the federal government tabled Bill C-69, which included a proposal to replace the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 with the new Impact Assessment Act (IAA).

Author: Anna Johnston
Publication Date: February 2019
Pages: 25
Regulatory and Implementation Framework for IAA

If passed, federal Bill C-69 would enact a new Impact Assessment Act that would require the government to weigh the positive and negative impacts of projects that affect the environment, like mines, dams and pipelines.

Author: Multiple authors
Publication Date: December 2018
Pages: 58

The federal Impact Assessment Act proposed in Bill C-69 mandates the government to weigh the positive and negative impacts of projects that affect the environment, considering factors such as climate change, potential harm to watersheds and endangered species, public safety, and Indigeno

Author: Multiple authors
Publication Date: December 2018
Pages: 15

In 2017 the BC government committed to reform environmental assessment (“EA”) in the province in order to “ensure the legal rights of First N

Author: Gavin Smith, Jessica Clogg
Publication Date: November 2018
Pages: 9

Following a successful constitutional challenge to legal restrictions on the public policy activities of charities in 2018, the federal Minister of Finance sought comment on proposed legislativ

Author: Jessica Clogg, Executive Director & Senior Counsel
Publication Date: October 2018
Pages: 5

BC communities face a rising tide of climate costs. Prior to the 2018 municipal election, West Coast Environmental Law has produced Climate Law In Our Hands: A Resource for Local Government Candidates.

Author: Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer, Anjali Appadurai, Climate Communications Specialist
Publication Date: September 2018
Pages: 16

In July 2018, the federal government published a discussion paper, “Developing a Strategic Assessment of Climate Change,” which proposes key processes and questions to guide an assessment of how to better consider climate in environmental assessments.

Author: Anna Johnston, Staff Lawyer, Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer
Publication Date: September 2018
Pages: 7
Caretakers of the Land and its People

Over the past several years, lawyers at West Coast Environmental Law have received a number of inquiries from Indigenous trapline holders in BC seeking to protect their hereditary and registered traplines from the cumulative impacts of various industrial projects including logging, mining, hydroe

Author: Bud Napoleon and Hannah Askew, With contributions from Siumshun (Richard Billy), Erica Stahl, Nico McKay, Yasmeen Peer, and Christina Clemente
Publication Date: August 2018
Pages: 92

Ensuring meaningful public participation is critical to the success of the provincial government’s efforts to revitalize British Columbia’s environmental assessment (EA) regime.

Author: Gavin Smith, Staff Lawyer, Anna Johnston, Staff Lawyer
Publication Date: August 2018
Pages: 9