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Josh Paterson

Board Member

Josh Paterson is the Executive Director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), Canada's oldest and most active civil liberties and human rights organization. The BCCLA promotes and defends human rights and freedoms at the national level, and across B.C. While Josh has been at the helm of the BCCLA, the organization's groundbreaking legal challenges have created substantial change in Canadian law – from winning the right to medical assistance in dying to putting an end to second-class legal status for millions of Canadians.

Josh's career as a lawyer has focused on protecting some of the most marginalized people from human rights violations, civil liberties restrictions, discrimination and environmental injustice. His work has included law reform and policy advocacy, public education, community organizing, government relations and litigation. Prior to his work at the BCCLA, Josh was the Aboriginal and Natural Resources Lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law, serving First Nations in their fights to protect their constitutional rights and their inherent legal authority, and working on issues connected with tar sands pipelines and tanker issues, environmental assessment reform, and hydroelectric power development.

On board since: September 2016


  • West Coast Environmental Law Association
  • West Coast Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund Society