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Anjali Appadurai

Anjali Appadurai Communications & Engagement Specialist
Climate Communications Specialist

Trained as a Human Ecologist – a transdisciplinary philosophy focusing on the relationship between humans and their natural, social and constructed environments – Anjali has long been involved in the world of social and environmental advocacy. Her work has specialized in the intersection of international environmental governance and social movements, and she has worked as an activist, campaigner and strategic communicator at a local and international level around issues of climate change and environmental governance. 

The personal is political, and Anjali is interested in how to connect progressive legal reform with the values that are precious to human communities. Environmental justice, to Anjali, is inherently tied to social and economic justice. It is the estuary where history, politics, social issues and human values meet. 

At West Coast, Anjali works as Climate Communications Specialist to build the organization’s voice and to galvanize support for strong environmental laws in BC.