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Dylan Sunshine Waisman

Staff Lawyer

Dylan Sunshine (she/her/they)’s maternal family is Fijian and their matagali is Naduadua. Her paternal family are Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Her family’s teachings of Fijian talanoa (storytelling) instilled an understanding of the power of storytelling, ancestral strength, and the interconnectedness of upholding Indigenous laws and protecting the environment. Sunshine is honoured to be a part of an organization that supports in the revitalization of Indigenous laws.

Sunshine received their European Law degree with honours in the UK and her Master’s in Law degree with a focus on human rights and migration law in the Netherlands. After graduating, they worked as a journalist, a Gladue report writer, and have now finished their articles at West Coast to become an accredited lawyer in Canada.

In her free time, Sunshine loves cooking with her family, being on the ocean, and playing with her dog.