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Background on RELAW Co-learning Program

Learning about Indigenous law from stories and working with Indigenous law through dialogue to make decisions about today’s environmental challenges is at the heart of the RELAW approach.

Through a year-long co-learning program, participants have the opportunity to engage with their nation’s own laws and processes regarding ecological governance, to explore how these can shape community decision-making processes about land and resource management, and learn about approaches to applying and enforcing Indigenous law. The RELAW 2018-19 co-learning program is expected to run from October 2018 to October 2019.

There are two ways that individuals can enter the RELAW co-learning cohort for 2018-19:

1. If your nation is participating in a RELAW project this year, and you are hired as a RELAW “community guide” for the project. For more details about how your nation can apply for a RELAW Learning Partnership, click here

2. By applying as an individual. Nations may nominate one or more individuals (community members or employees of the nation) to participate in the year-long RELAW co-learning program to build the foundation for future work on revitalizing Indigenous law for their nation.

Details for Individual Co-Learners

  • Participants will attend three in-person co-learning sessions of 3-4 days each and a series of webinars or calls approximately every two months (dates TBD).
  • Participants should expect to spend about 2 hours a week doing guided activities between learning sessions to try out and practice what they learn.
  • Participants will receive guidance and coaching to undertake a short practicum, typically organizing a meeting or workshop focused on Indigenous law for their community during the course of the program.
  • Participating as an individual learner in the RELAW program is possible for people who are employed full time in another capacity, however, you should confirm a plan in advance with your employer to be sure that you will be able to participate in the learning sessions.
  • There is no cost to participants for the co-learning program. However, travel to in-person learning sessions is the responsibility of the participant. All expenses will be paid once at the session (i.e., accommodation, food, materials). Scholarships may be available to assist with travel costs if your nation is not able to do so.
  • To apply, please complete this Expression of Interest form. Space is limited and first consideration will be given to applications received before August 31, 2018.