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Wondering how you can get more involved in efforts to safeguard nature, communities and the climate through law?

Check out this page for information and opportunities to take action by attending events, contacting decision-makers, participating in government processes and more.

Governments are meeting in Ottawa to negotiate a global treaty to regulate plastic pollution. Let's urge Canada to take leadership role in ensuring an effective treaty – including a strong cap on global plastic production.

The Central Coast National Marine Conservation Area Reserve is undergoing a feasibility study. You can show your support by sending a letter!

Join us in calling on the Senate to pass Bill C-226, An Act respecting the development of a national strategy to assess, prevent and address environmental racism and to advance environmental justice.

On June 23, in the middle of what is expected to be the busiest cruise ship season ever on the west coast, Canada finally announced a new legal order imposing stronger restrictions on dumping from cruise ships in Canadian waters.

No matter where we come from, most of us want to care for the coast and ocean and the wildlife that call them home, and to leave a more abundant future for those to come.

To make sure this happens, coastal Indigenous nations, Canada and BC have released a plan to protect vast swaths of the ocean on the north and central coast of BC.

“We are going to sue Big Oil,” noted journalist Avi Lewis told us. “This is an historic moment, and you are going to be able to tell everyone you were here when it began.”

Take action: Show your support for a new BC law to safeguard nature and ecosystem health