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Take Action

Wondering how you can get more involved in efforts to safeguard nature, communities and the climate through law?

Check out this page for information and opportunities to take action by attending events, contacting decision-makers, participating in government processes and more.

In June 2019, Canadians celebrated the passing of a series of important federal environmental laws – including the Impact Assessment Act and Canadian Energy Regulator Act (Bill C-69) and the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act (Bill C-48). Bills C-69 and C-48 overhauled Canada’s broken environmental assessment process, strengthened energy regulation, and banned crude oil supertankers on the Pacific north coast.

It was called “Canada’s climate election,” and as the dust settles we can celebrate that 63% of votes cast were in favour of parties that made strong climate promises.

However, Canada has an unfortunate history of making strong climate promises, setting ambitious targets and then not delivering. We need strong laws that make sure that this cannot be allowed to happen again.