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For too long, decisions affecting our environment and communities have been made in corporate boardrooms far from home, resulting in clear-cut logging, mining and oil and gas development that have had devastating effects on land and water. West Coast Environmental Law seeks to change the rules of the game for land and resource management to address root causes of unsustainable resource extraction and achieve lasting legal projection for the environment.

We are working to transform environmental decision-making in ways that are more democratic, more sustainable and more just. We do so by advocating for laws that incorporate ecosystem-based management, Aboriginal title and rights, and meaningful public participation, and which address the cumulative impacts of multiple forms of development and climate change. Supporting the revitalization of existing Indigenous environmental laws is a fundamental aspect of this process.

Top photo: Sang Trinh via Flickr


Anna Johnston
Staff Lawyer
Gavin Smith Staff Counsel
Staff Lawyer
Jessica Clogg Executive Director and Senior Counsel
Executive Director & Senior Counsel