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Stretching from the north tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaska-BC border, the Great Bear Sea is a remarkable marine ecosystem. It is home to a dazzling array of ocean wildlife – from humpback whales and sea otters to herring, jellyfish and anemones.

These waters are located beside the Great Bear Rainforest, where precedent setting ecosystem based plans have been put in place. The Great Bear Sea is also central to the cultures and economies of communities along the coast, providing them with food, oxygen, jobs, transport corridors, recreational opportunities, and spiritual sustenance.

Like all areas of the ocean that are increasingly impacted by human activities, the Great Bear Sea is vulnerable to risks from shipping, fishing, resource extraction and the cumulative impacts from this development.

At West Coast, we are working to protect the Great Bear Sea – with the support of strong Canadian and Indigenous laws.

Check out this short video from the Ocean Frontiers film series to meet some of the people in communities along the coast who are working to implement the marine plans – to sustain their marine environment, livelihoods, and cultures.

Great Bear Sea Journey by Green Fire Productions


Top photo: Shane Stagner via Unsplash


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