Action for Healthy Communities: Benefits of a Provincial Law for Ecosystem Health

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health, Biodiversity Legislation, Local Government
West Coast Environmental Law

Communities across British Columbia grapple with the consequences of a provincial legislative framework that prioritizes resource development over ecosystem health. These impacts include risks to drinking water quality from industrial logging, risks to fisheries and wildlife from mining and hydroelectric development, and risks of flooding that are amplified by urban sprawl and industrial agriculture.

This thought paper addresses the following questions:

  1. What are the impacts and cumulative effects of the provincial prioritization of resource development over ecosystem health on local communities in British Columbia?
  2. How can a new, overarching provincial law to protect biodiversity and ecosystem health support community and ecosystem resilience?

In highlighting the impacts of the current patchwork of provincial laws on local communities, our goal is to provide local leaders with the tools to advocate for an overarching legal framework that protects biodiversity and ecosystem health, establishing a foundation for healthy communities and a healthy economy.

For more information, please also see this pamphlet which describes opportunities for local government officials to support legislation for biodiversity and ecosystem health at the 2022 Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Convention. 

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