BC Conservation Covenant Handbook: A Guide to Best Practices for Conservation Covenants in British Columbia

Land; Conservation; Private options
Hillyer, Ann; Atkins, Judy (1st & 2nd eds.); van Drimmelen, Ben (3rd & 4th eds.)

This publication, originally published in 2000 and periodically updated and revised, is a guide to the best practices associated with the use of “conservation covenants”. 

The primary focus of the Handbook is on using conservation covenants for the protection of ecologically significant private land. However, conservation covenants can be used to protect other special attributes of land such as cultural and heritage values.

The Handbook canvasses many of the laws, regulations, policies and practices that apply when a landowner grants a conservation covenant to a conservation organization that agrees to protect the land in perpetuity. It provides information about the issues that should be addressed by landowners, conservation organizations and other parties involved in protecting private land when they use conservation covenants to protect ecologically significant spaces or environmentally important features of land.

This Handbook is published by West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation and The Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia.

FOURTH REVISED EDITION - updated June 2023

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