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A Case for Smart Growth

Sustainable Development; Urban; Smart Growth; smart bylaws; development cost charges; green infrastructure; neighbourhoods; transportation;
Curran, Deborah

Smart growth is taking off in British Columbia. In recognition of BC’s leadership role, West Coast Environmental Law has developed a Smart Bylaws Guide to assist local governments to implement smart growth strategies through policy and bylaw changes. It describes smart growth practices, and backs up the theory with case studies, technical standards and bylaws that can be tailored to specific municipal circumstances. The Guide brings together the best practices of municipalities across BC, and highlights other innovators in the US and Europe. This Case for Smart Growth is one element of the Guide, and presents credible evidence and the economic rationale for local governments to adopt smart growth strategies.

Publication Date: 
December 1, 2003
Publication Pages: 
West Coast Environmental Law
Publication City: 
Vancouver, BC
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ISBN 0-919365-23-X
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