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Deregulation Backgrounder - Bill 54 Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act 2002

Environmental Deregulation
West Coast Environmental Law

The BC government introduced Bill 54 in the Legislature May 15th; this Bill amends 23 different statutes. Our focus here is on amendments to 3 laws that will have an impact on how the mining industry conducts itself in BC. According to the government’s press release the bill will “streamline processes and encourage mineral exploration by clarifying rights and cutting red tape.”

However, this Bill does much more than simply “cut” red tape and “clarify” rights – it allows the
government to waive the application of pollution laws for certain mining activities and it increases the mining industry’s rights of access to private and public land.

Bill 54:

  • Exempts some, not yet specified, mining operations from permit requirements and pollution laws
  • Increases mining industry rights of access to private land and repeals an existing protection against interference with private land
  • Gives mining approvals precedence over most other land use designations
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July 1, 2002
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