Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline – Getting the Decision Right

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline;
West Coast Environmental Law

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline: Getting the Decision Right analyzes limitations of the proposed review process for the project and proposes solutions.

The proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project is a massive undertaking. If it proceeds it will involve two parallel 1,170 kilometre pipelines that will facilitate the expansion of the Alberta tar sands and open our northern coastal waters to oil tanker traffic. The Enbridge Gateway pipeline project raises significant environmental, social, legal and economic issues. It demands a decision-making process comparable in scope – one that honours the laws and responsibilities of First Nations, addresses the perspectives of affected communities, and considers the pipeline in the context of the much larger policy issues it raises. There are serious concerns as to whether the review process proposed for the project is up to the task. This publication outlines the issues and makes recommendations for a better path forward. In doing so, lessons from past experience with environmental assessment and proposed pipeline development are instructive.

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