Green Waterfront Design Charrette Report

Climate adaptation, local governments, sea level rise, coastal communities
Deborah Carlson, Deborah Harford et. al.

The Green Waterfront Design Charrette brought together design experts and staff from five British Columbia municipalities, including planners, engineers, sustainability specialists, emergency managers and biologists. Working collaboratively, they explored how shifts in land use and building design could support community resilience to sea level rise, focusing on responses that developed green infrastructure and provided opportunities to protect and restore coastal ecosystems, and maintain valuable natural shoreline amenities.

This report provides a thorough overview of the Charrette, including the objectives, expert presentations, as well as ideas and insights to address sea level rise in BC's Lower Mainland.

This report was prepared by West Coast Environmental Law, with assistance from Robert Barrs, MODUS Planning, Design and Engagement, and George Benson.

The charrette was organized by West Coast Environmental Law with assistance from Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT) – SFU, MODUS, graduate students from SCARP-UBC and SFU’s School of Public Policy, and participating municipalities (City of Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, District of West Vancouver and District of Squamish).

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