Making the Grade: A Report Card on Canada’s Proposal for Strengthening Environmental Laws and Processes

Environmental Assessment, NEB, Fisheries Act, Navigation Protection Act
Jessica Clogg, Anna Johnston, Linda Nowlan, Eugene Kung, Andrew Gage

Following the release of the federal government’s discussion paper outlining proposals to strengthen environmental laws and processes in Canada, West Coast Environmental Law Association produced a report card grading the proposed reforms against leading-edge recommendations.

The report card assesses the government’s proposals for legislative, regulatory and policy reforms in Canada’s environmental assessment (EA) regime, the National Energy Board (NEB), Fisheries Act and Navigation Protection Act.

Proposals were graded against the recommendations in West Coast’s submissions and responses to the Expert Panels and Parliamentary Standing Committees reviewing the NEBFisheries Act and Navigation Protection Act, as well as the 12 Pillars of Next Generation Environmental Assessment – which are based on the collective expertise of EA experts from across the country.

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