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A New Climate for Conservation - Nature, Carbon and Climate Change in British Columbia - Full Report

Forests; Climate Change; Carbon; Nature; Biodiversity; Ecosystem Services; Tenure
Pojar; Jim

New_Climate_Report_Cover_1.jpgThis report reviews the scientific and technical literature on climate change and biodiversity in British Columbia. It examines the scientific rationale behind the need for conserving natural ecosystems as a critical component of a climate action plan in four key areas: sequestering carbon, avoiding emissions, managing resilience and maximizing stocks and flows of ecosystem services. The report recommends an interconnected climate conservation network encompassing at least 50 percent of BC’s land base to be managed for these values, noting that the integration of ‘nature and climate’ strategies will require a new way of structuring our laws and land tenure system.

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Publication Date: 
January 1, 2010
Publication Pages: 
West Coast Enviromental Law et al
Publication City: 
Vancouver, BC
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