Open Letter on Impact Assessment Act Project List

Environmental Assessment, Impact Assessment Act, Bill C-69, Project List
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In June 2019, the federal government passed Bill C-69, which enacts a new Impact Assessment Act and Canadian Energy Regulator Act, and strengthens the Navigation Protection Act. While Bill C-69 is a welcome step forward, proposed regulations under the Impact Assessment Act will actually reduce the number of projects that will require an impact assessment, rather than increase them.

This letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, by West Coast and seven allied organizations, calls on the Canadian government to commit to enhancing the proposed Project List Regulations to ensure that all projects that affect sustainability – like mines, dams and pipelines – undergo an assessment. Without strong regulations, the government will fail to fulfil its commitment to restoring environmental safeguards and public trust in decision-making.

Organizations signed on to the open letter include: West Coast Environmental Law, Environmental Defence, Quebec Environmental Law Centre (CQDE), Canadian Freshwater Alliance, Ecojustice, Miningwatch Canada, Nature Canada and WCS Canada.

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