Recommendations For The Improvement Of The Enforcement Provisions Of The British Columbia Waste Management Act

Waste Management Act, Pollution, Enforcement
Andrews, William J.

The B.C. Waste Management Act, SBC 1982, c. 41, as amended, (WMA), is the primary pollution control statute in British Columbia. It prohibits pollution generally, except pursuant to permits or other authorizations issued under the Act. Non-compliance with pollution standards under the Act has been a serious problem in B.C. In early 1989, the B.C. Government launched a major initiative to strengthen enforcement of the Act. In the Summer of 1989, the government passed the Waste Management Amendment Act, 1989, SBC 1989, c.62, which substantially increased the penalties provided in the Act. However, there are a variety of practical improvements to the enforcement provisions of the Act which would substantially strengthen the Act's enforcement provisions.

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