A Regulatory and Implementation Framework for the Impact Assessment Act

Environmental Assessment, Impact Assessment Act, Bill C-69
Multiple authors

If passed, federal Bill C-69 would enact a new Impact Assessment Act that would require the government to weigh the positive and negative impacts of projects that affect the environment, like mines, dams and pipelines. In preparation for this new law, the federal government is currently consulting on two key regulations to support the implementation of the Impact Assessment Act.

In response to the government’s calls for submissions, West Coast and allies have developed a comprehensive set of recommendations based on the thinking of environmental assessment experts from across the country.

Highlights of this Regulatory and Implementation Framework include:

  • Recommended projects and activities that should be subject to federal impact assessment;
  • The minimum information necessary for rigorous reviews, and how to ensure that decisions are based on the best available science and Indigenous knowledge;
  • A regulatory framework to ensure meaningful public participation;
  • How to assess alternatives and the public interest need for proposed development; and
  • A sustainability framework to ensure that decisions respect ecological integrity, uphold Indigenous authority and rights, protect biodiversity and ensure that decisions align with our climate commitments.

This document was prepared by: Stephen Hazell, Nature Canada; Anna Johnston, West Coast Environmental Law; Josh Ginsberg, Ecojustice; Karine Peloffy, Centre québécois du droit de l'environnement; Andrea Lesperance, Nature Canada; and Hugh Benevides, Legal Consultant.

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