Strengthening the GVRD Air Quality Management Plan : Submissions to the Greater Vancouver Regional District Regarding the 2005 Draft Air Quality Management Plan

Air; Air Quality; GVRD; Air Quality Management Plan
Rolfe, Chris; Klenavic, Nancy

The 2005 Draft GVRD Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) lacks much of the specificity that made the 1994 AQMP a success. While objectives for ambient air quality have been improved, there are no clear objectives for reductions in emissions. Emission reductions anticipated from measures have not been quantified. Timeframes for implementing measures are vague. Too often the commitment to measures is weak even in areas where the GVRD has authority to act unilaterally. On behalf of the organizations listed in appendix 1, West Coast Environmental Law recommends that the 2005 Draft GVRD AQMP be accepted with some amendments, and that the GVRD board direct staff to develop a detailed implementation plan in consultation with stakeholders.

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