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Submissions to Auditor General on lease and sale of public lands to ski resorts

Public Lands, Ski Resort Development, Sales, Leases
Gage, Andrew; Askew, Hanna

In a written letter West Coast invites the Auditor General of British Columbia to investigate government policies related to the lease and sale of public lands to private ski resorts. The provincial government has committed to double tourism revenues by 2015 and to help achieve this goal is prioritizing the expansion and development of Alpine and All Seasons Resorts. We are concerned that in order to help facilitate this expansion, now as in the past, publicly-owned lands are being sold to private ski resort developers at rates that do not reflect either the true economic value of these lands or the other, non-financial, values that British Columbians receive from these lands.

Publication Date: 
August 1, 2011
Publication Pages: 
West Coast Environmental Law
Publication City: 
Vancouver, BC
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