Sister Organizations

West Coast Environmental Law is made up of three provincially incorporated societies:

  • West Coast Environmental Law Association,
  • West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation, and
  • West Coast Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund Society.

West Coast Environmental Law Association provides legal services to individuals and organisations who have concerns regarding the environment. In addition, the Association advocates for legislative reforms to protect the environment and ensure public participation in environmental decision making. The Association publishes West Coast’s Environmental Law Alert blog and our Legal e-Brief e-newsletter. Read about the Association's Board of Directors here.

The Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund is administered by the Association and is West Coast’s environmental legal aid fund. Since 1989, the fund has allowed individuals and community groups to hire lawyers to help them protect the environment in negotiations, mediation, in court or before government tribunals. Each year the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund puts $100,000 in the hands of individuals and community groups to hire lawyers and experts to help them fight for environmental justice.

The West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation is a registered charity with a long tradition of producing well reasoned and in-depth legal research to develop laws, regulations, standards and objectives that will promote the maintenance of environmental quality. The Research Foundation educates the public about environmental law issues and advocates on behalf of individuals and communities to prevent legal violations and improve existing environmental laws and regulations. Read about the Research Foundation's Board of Directors here.

To learn more or make a tax-deductible donation to the West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation, visit