Alexis Stoymenoff

Director of Communications

Alexis (she/her/hers) is a settler of mixed ancestry, with roots in Jamaica, Macedonia and southern Ontario. She came to West Coast Environmental Law in 2016, after working as a journalist and then as a communications coordinator in the environmental movement. Over the years, she has worked on various platforms – both on and offline – to help engage people and connect them with the knowledge and tools they need to create positive change.

Before joining the environmental movement, Alexis spent four years working in the BC forestry sector as a treeplanter and mountain pine beetle surveyor. She then completed a Masters degree in journalism at the University of British Columbia, and became a freelance writer and producer focusing on documentary, print and online news.

As a reporter covering environmental issues and energy policy, Alexis developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by community members seeking environmental and social justice. She left journalism to become the Communications Coordinator at the Wilderness Committee, where she worked with campaigners, environmental allies and Indigenous partners to strengthen conservation campaigns through strategic media relations, public education, online engagement and community outreach. 

At West Coast, Alexis collaborates with the legal team and program staff to engage individuals, organizations, media and other stakeholders in our work to protect the environment through law.
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