Time is running out for the north Pacific coast tanker ban

A legislated oil tanker ban on the north Pacific coast is within reach. Senators are preparing to vote on Bill C-48 – the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act – and they need to hear from you one last time.

Right now, oil industry lobbyists are doing all they can to kill the Bill, which could throw away our best chance to protect the unique and sensitive waters surrounding the Great Bear Rainforest. With just a few weeks left in the legislative session, time is running out for the tanker ban.

Now is the time to remind the Senate how many British Columbians say YES to Bill C-48.

Tell the Senate we need this law to protect wild salmon, ocean ecosystems and coastal communities from oil spills.


UPDATE: The Oil Tanker Moratorium Act passed in the Senate on June 20, 2019. 

This take action tool has now been closed. Thank you to everyone who took action to protect the coast from oil tankers!