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  • stories and situations where existing environmental laws are failing to protect the environment; and
  • emerging legal strategies that could be used to protect our environment.

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2020 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

On March 21-22, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) will hear arguments over one of the country’s most fundamental federal environmental laws – the Impact Assessment Act.

This post is the latest in a series looking at corporations that break the law in BC – specifically environmental laws – often with a long history of non-compliance. Our focus today is West Fraser Mills Ltd.

This op-ed originally appeared in the National Observer on February 27th, 2023.

After three years of deliberations, engagement, and drafting, the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs established the Gitanyow Wilp Sustainability Assessment Process (GWSAP) in 2020.

From February 3-9, ocean experts from around the world came together in Vancouver for the 5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5), to connect, share knowledge and make progress on global marine protection goals.  

If you care about protecting the ocean and the amazing creatures that inhabit it, there is no better place to be this February than Vancouver.

Last month, the West Coast team attended the UN Biodiversity Conference (aka COP15) in Montreal, where we pushed for meaningful action from our governments to better respect and protect nature.

At the recent UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15), Canada joined other countries in making ambitious commitments to protect nature.

On December 15th and 16th, Justice Ross of the BC Supreme Court heard from a wide range of applicants seeking permission to intervene in an important legal challenge launched by the Smgyigyetm Gitxaała and Gitxaała Nation (Gitxaała).

Reflections from our RELAW* Retreat: Indigenous Law in Story  
(Retreat 1 of 3: November 14–17th, 2022)

*Revitalizing Indigenous Law for Land, Air & Water