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Executive Directors at environmental groups release statement on Fort McMurray fire

Thursday, May 5, 2016

OTTAWA - The fire in Fort McMurray is a tragedy that no person or community should have to endure. All Canadians should be doing what they can to make sure those affected have the resources and support they need in these hard times. This is not a time for blame. It is time to stand together and make sure the people are safe and well cared for. As Executive Directors of environmental groups in Canada, we are asking everyone to take the time to donate to the Red Cross and show the people of Fort McMurray and surrounding First Nations communities that Canada has their back.

Eventually the rebuilding will begin. That includes rebuilding Fort McMurray and ensuring we take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening to any other communities. We need to figure out how can we adapt our communities to deal with the risk of fires and we need to take action to reduce the risk of climate change. This is part of the rebuilding process and this is the responsibility of all Canadians.


For further information, please contact:

Peter Robinson, David Suzuki Foundation, 604 732-4228, extension 1284

Devon Page, Ecojustice, 778-828-5512

Graham Saul, Ecology Ottawa, 613-710-2819

Tim Gray, Environmental Defence, 416 986 2408

Sidney Ribaux, Equiterre, 514-910-2024

Joanna Kerr, Greenpeace Canada, 416-659-0294

Lyndsay Poaps, Leadnow, 778-871-3570

Diane Beckett, Sierra Club of Canada, 613-241-4611

Karen Mahon, Stand, 604-836-5992

Jessica Clogg, West Coast Environmental Law, 778-327-8964