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Financial Liability for Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan, Oil Pipelines and Tankers
West Coast Environmental Law, Living Oceans Society, Georgia Strait Alliance, and Wilderness Committee

Residents of the Salish Sea region—Vancouver, Victoria, the Gulf Islands and Washington State—could see a four-fold increase in the number of oil tankers traveling from the Port of Metro Vancouver through Juan de Fuca Strait, if Kinder Morgan is permitted to build a new pipeline to carry oil from the tar sands to markets in Asia. Such a dramatic increase signals exponentially higher risk of oil spills and raises many questions about what is at risk, how the oil is “cleaned up”, and who pays for oil spill response.

This report provides a brief assessment of each of those questions and focuses on who pays for responding to an oil spill from a tanker.



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January 1, 2013
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