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The MacMillan Bloedel Settlement Agreement: Submissions to Mr. David Perry

Forestry, Aboriginal Rights
Clogg, Jessica

The following submissions build upon and clarify our submissions of June 10, 1999. The two submissions should be read together, as points raised earlier have not necessarily been repeated below.

The position of the West Coast Environmental Law Association remains that:

  1. the Settlement Agreement, and particularly the contemplated land transfers, is a serious and unjustifiable infringement of aboriginal rights and title;
  2. the implications of the proposed transfers are overwhelmingly negative for sustainable forest jobs, biodiversity, fish and wildlife habitat, and community well-being; and
  3. none of the transfers under consideration should be implemented

The specific issues addressed in this submission are:

  1. our support for the concerns raised by affected communities regarding the implications of forest privatisation and tree farm licence (TFL) removals on sustainable forest jobs, biodiversity, fish and wildlife habitat, community well-being and public input in forest management decisions;
  2. the constitutionality of the Settlement Agreement and the impact of tree farm licence (TFL) removals on aboriginal rights and title; and
  3. clarification of compensation issues.
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June 1, 1999
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