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Protecting British Columbia's Wetlands - A Citizen's Guide

Wetlands, British Columbia
Jeffries, Bill; Nowlan, Linda

Note: This publication was originally published as both a booklet and a web based HTML document.  This .pdf version does not have the pictures/diagrams that were in the original documents.  As a result, the formatting of this .pdf may be marginally affected.  If you would like to view the original document, please click here to send us an email request.

This book is ‘tool-kit’ to use to protect wetlands in British Columbia. It includes background information on the formation and function of wetlands. It also includes a review of legislation, and information on how to use existing laws to protect wetlands in the province.

The ‘tools’ are described so that they can be put to use by the average citizen who has no background in wetland science or law. This guide has been prepared for environmental and conservation groups, elected officials at any level of government, and our municipal staff, who so often have the fate of our wet-lands in their hands.

Publication Date: 
May 1, 1996
Publication Pages: 
West Coast Environmental Law
Publication City: 
Vancouver, BC
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