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Review of Weyerhaeuser's Stillwater Timberlands Pilot Project

Clogg, Jessica

The following review of the Stillwater Timberlands Pilot Project was prepared on behalf of the BC Environmental Network Forest Caucus by Jessica Clogg; staff counsel at West Coast Environmental Law and Laurel Brewster; forestry advisor at the Sierra Legal Defence Fund.

Our review focused primarily on assessing Draft 7 of the Stillwater Pilot Project Regulation for compliance with Part 10.1 of the Forest Practices Code. It should be noted that we have not had the opportunity to review the Forest Stewardship Zone map and cannot comment on whether this zonation will adequately manage and conserve the forest resources of the area.

At the present time, in our opinion, the Pilot Project does not meet Part 10.1 of the Forest Practices Code. The following concerns were raised during a meeting with Weyerhaeuser staff on November 2, 2000.

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November 1, 2000
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