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When the Landman Comes Knocking : A Toolkit for BC Landowners Living with Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas; Private Land
Campbell, Karen; Howard, Tim

landman pub.jpgWhile oil and gas companies have the expertise and resources to take care of their interests when dealing with landowners, the average landowner has limited knowledge of the industry, the applicable laws, and the implications of oil and gas development for their own interests. This Toolkit helps correct that imbalance. It provides a plain language overview of how companies acquire oil and gas rights, an explanation of the basic laws governing oil and gas exploration and production on private land, an overview of the lifecycle of an average oil or gas well, and tips on how landowners can protect their interests when dealing with oil and gas companies.

Publication Date: 
October 1, 2004
Publication Pages: 
West Coast Environmental Law; Sierra Legal Defence Fund
Publication City: 
Vancouver, BC
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