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The need to address the environmental impacts of oil and gas exploration and development issues in a dedicated manner is becoming more urgent.

Author: Campbell, Karen; West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: April 2002
Pages: 7

Overall, we believe that the ERD must be strengthened in order for it to meaningfully reflect the EDC's commitment to ensuring its activities are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

Author: Campbell, Karen
Publication Date: March 2002
Pages: 8

We have read, and endorse the submissions of our colleagues at the Canadian Environmental Law Association, the Environmental Law Centre, and the Sierra Legal Defence Fund.

Author: Campbell, Karen
Publication Date: February 2002
Pages: 16

How well does Bill 20, the Drinking Water Protection Act, together with the existing applicable regulation, the Safe Drinking Water Regulation under the BC Health Act, measure up to these three top priorities?

Author: Nowlan, Linda
Publication Date: December 2001
Pages: 16

Is BC's mining industry complying with the standards and law? How effective is government in ensuring that these standards and laws are enforced? This report takes a close look at the mining industry's record of compliance.

Author: Campbell, Karen; Young, Alan; Sumi, Lisa
Publication Date: December 2001
Pages: 80

We Canadians often assume that Canada has an inexhaustible amount of water. However, statistics indicate otherwise. Canadians are second only to Americans in terms of water consumption: we consume an average of 638 L per day. And the volume of water required by Canadians continues to grow.

Author: Campbell, Karen
Publication Date: November 2001
Pages: 18

West Coast Environmental Law Association welcomes Bill C-31, An Act to Amend the Export Development Act as a positive new legal tool with the potential to improve the environmental performance of the Corporation and its clients.

Author: Nowlan, Linda
Publication Date: October 2001
Pages: 12

In January 2001, the provincial government passed the Streamside Protection Regulation pursuant to section 12 of the Fish Protection Act.

Author: Grant, Kathy
Publication Date: September 2001
Pages: 42

Every year over one million passengers board a cruise ship to travel north to Alaska, along BC's famed Inside Passage. Cruise ship travel on the Vancouver to Alaska route grew at a rate of over 5% a year over the past decade.

Author: Nowlan, Linda; Kwan, Ines
Publication Date: September 2001
Pages: 32

On August 9, the US Department of Commerce imposed a 19.3% duty on all softwood lumber products imported from Canada, with the exception of those from the Maritimes. The BC Government's response has been three-fold and inconsistent. This paper contains preliminary recommendations for discussion.

Author: The BC Coalition for Sustainable Forest Solutions
Publication Date: September 2001
Pages: 16