Andrew Gage

Staff Lawyer

Andrew (he/him/his) was an environmental activist before he was an environmental lawyer: he was accepted into law school shortly after being arrested for protesting logging in Clayoquot Sound, on Vancouver Island’s West Coast. During law school Andrew helped found the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre and volunteered with the noted Indian environmental lawyer, M.C. Mehta. These experiences changed his understanding of what is possible through law.

Andrew is currently project lead for West Coast's Climate Change program. Under his direction the program has focused on the legal and professional consequences – to industry, government and professionals – of failing to address climate change.

Andrew has played a wide variety of roles within West Coast since first coming to the organization in 2001, from helping communities press for more sustainable forestry to working to protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure. In addition to his climate work, Andrew is lead author for the Environmental Law Alert blog and has published a series of cutting edge academic papers on the rights of the public to a healthy natural environment.

Andrew lives in Victoria with his wife, Grace and their two children, Rebecca and Colm. Andrew enjoys playing the violin, gardening and sailing with his family.
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