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Multinational fossil fuel companies are desperate to avoid a public conversation about their legal and moral responsibility for the effects of climate change – from rising sea levels to wildfires, droughts and other climate-related impacts. But when this industry is made to pay its fair share of the harm caused by fossil fuel pollution, these companies will no longer stand in the way of a just and climate-safe future.

Fossil fuel corporations make billions in profits by selling products that are causing damage around the world. They've known about climate change for decades, but have poured money into hiding the evidence.

All of our communities are already being impacted by climate change, and we have the right to demand accountability from the fossil fuel industry.

How do we do it? By taking climate law into our own hands – claiming the legal power and responsibility of our communities to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable.

Top photo: Mick Tursky


Andrew Gage
Staff Lawyer
Julia Kidder - Communications & Engagement Specialist
Climate Communications Specialist
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Climate Accountability Strategist